Lumber & Engineered Wood - Lumber


Diablo Timber

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Redwood

From Con/Com to Clear Heart, Diablo Timber offers a large family of Redwood grades which truly provides something for everyone.

Hampton Lumber

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Western/Domestic & Spruce
Type: Dimension, MSR Dimension, Studs

Hampton's eight mills provide quality dimensional, MSR dimension, and stud lumber.

Sawmill / Distributor

Nu Forest Products

Subcategory: Cedar, Dimension, Engineered Wood Products, Lumber, Plywood, Timbers, Treated Lumber
Species: Cedar, Hem Fir, Pine, Redwood, White Fir

Nu Forest Products is a full-line distribution yard featuring a wholesale lumber, milling, and drying operation.


Subcategory: Lumber, Studs, Timbers
Species: Green Doug Fir, KD Doug Fir, KD Hem-Fir

Roseburg's premium quality studs and timbers provide excellent structural strength to any construction project.

Seneca Sawmill

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Green Doug Fir, KD Doug Fir
Type: Dimension, Studs

The Seneca Sawmill Compary specialize in green Douglas-fir dimension lumber, green and dry Douglas-fir and dry Hemlock studs.

South Coast Lumber

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Doug Fir

South Coast Lumber Co. for more than 50 years, we offer Doug Fir lumber in a range of sizes in both green (GDF) and kiln dried (KDDF) timbers.

Swanson Group

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Green Doug Fir, KD Doug Fir, KD Hem-Fir
Type: Dimension, Studs

Swanson Group Mfg. produces a variety of species of dimensional lumber and studs.

Western Woods

Subcategory: Lumber
Type: Primed Boards

Western Woods Premium Design Patterns and Trim are some of the highest-quality, warranty-backed factory primed wood products available.


Subcategory: Clear Lumber, Framing, Lumber, Studs, Treated Lumber
Species: Doug Fir, Hem Fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce-Pine-Fir

Weyerhaeuser offers a diverse range of Western Lumber products giving you an unmatched source for most western species needs, while our full offering of Southern Lumber Pine products are an outstanding choice for framing and treated wood applications.