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Predictable strength and consistency allow you to build structures with the superior workmanship homeowners seek and then brag about to others.

TJI® Joists:

    The most often used, highest quality I-Joist available. Engineered to provide strength and consistency, these joists are a key part of making a high-performance floor. The dimensional stability of Trus Joist TJI joists help them resist the warping, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors.

TimberStrand® LSL:

    Versatility you need in beams, headers, tall walls and more. TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) is one of the most innovative and versatile building products available. It is used to make solutions for applications such as rim board, headers, beams, columns, wall framing, sill plates, and stair stringers.

Parallam® PSL:

    Going to great lengths to support your best work. Add strength and reliability to your structure when you use Parallam PSL beams, headers, and columns, and open up a whole new world of design options for the interior of a home.

Microllam® LVL:

    Proven stability while resisting warping, splitting and shrinking. Microllam LVL is a versatile solution that works great in in applications all over the house from window openings to garage door headers. Microllam headers and beams can be built-up on site to cut down on heavy lifting. Moreover, installation is quick with very little or no waste.

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